Accessible Computer Labs

Accessible Computer Labs

All computer labs maintained by IET have Assistive Technology installed on the computers. Some labs have specialized software installed, while others have printers and scanners available for student usage. For a list of computer labs, and available software & hardware, please visit IET's Computer Room Guide for the most up-to-date listings of computer labs.

The Center for Accessible Technologies (CAT) Lab was established in 2010 at 163 Shields Library to provide a centralized resource for assistive technology and ergonomic equipment. Within the lab, users can find 6 Mac Minis, 3 of which are running Windows 7 with the other 3 running OS X 10.8.

4 of the Mac Minis are connected to 30" monitors mounted to height adjustable desks. Users also have access to CCTV's, ergonomic chairs, mice, and keyboards which can be provided upon request from one of the student tech assistants. If an assistant is not available in Shields 163, then you may be able to find them located within Shields 182.

The following hardware is available at the CAT:

  • ScanSnap duplex scanner (scans both sides of paper at once) (PC#1)
  • Epson 3170 flatbed scanner (Mac #2)
  • Hovercam document scanner (Mac#1)
  • CCTV
  • Headphones
  • Headphone+Microphone (Dragon stations only)
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Height adjustable tables
  • Braille Encyclopedias
  • B&W printer
  • Assortment of ergonomic mice and keyboards
  • Region free DVD player with 30 inch monitor (PC #2)
  • Blu-ray DVD player with 30 inch monitor (Mac #2)

The following software is available for PC:

  • ClaroRead Pro
  • Job Access With Speech v 15 (JAWS)
    • CTRL+ALT+J
  • Narrator
    • WINDOWS 8: Windows Key+Enter
    • WINDOWS 7: Windows Key+U, Highlight Narrator, Press Spacebar.
  • On-Screen keyboard
    • Windows Key+U, highlight the on-screen keyboard and press Enter OR
    • Windows Key+R, type OSK and press Enter
  • High Contrast
    • Left ALT+Left SHIFT+PrtScn
  • Filter Keys (ignore repeated keystrokes)
    • Hold right SHIFT for 8 seconds
  • Mouse Keys (use keyboard as a mouse)
    • Left ALT+left SHIFT+Num Lock
  • Sticky Keys (serialize keystrokes instead of pressing multiple buttons at once)
    • Press SHIFT 5 times
  • Toggle Keys (audio cues for pressed locking keys)
    • Hold Num Lock for 5 seconds
  • Dasher (on screen keyboard using pointing devices to type text)
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (PC #1 only)
  • Magnifier
    • Windows Key and + to turn on Magnifier
      • Windows key and + to zoom in
      • Windows key and - to zoom out
    • CTRL+ALT+L for lens display
    • CTRL+ALT+D for dock display
    • CTRL+ALT+F for full screen mode
    • Windows Key + Esc to exit
  • Windows Speech Recognition

The following software is available for Mac:

  • ClaroRead Pro
  • Speakable Items (Enabled in Accessibility)
    • ESC (listening key by default)
  • VoiceOver
    • Command(⌘)+F5
  • Invert colors/Greyscale
    • Command(⌘)+Option(⌥)+Control+8
  • Contrast
    • Command(⌘)+Option(⌥)+Control+8
    • Command(⌘)+Option(⌥)+Control+Comma(,): Reduce contrast
    • Command(⌘)+Option(⌥)+Control+Period(.): Increase contrast
  • Zoom
    • Option(⌥)+Command(⌘)+8: Turn zoom on/off
      • Option(⌥)+Command(⌘)+Equal(=): Zoom in
      • Option(⌥)+Command(⌘)+Hyphen(-): Zoom out
  • Screen Flash (Enabled in Accessibility)
  • Image Smothing
    • Command(⌘)+Option(⌥)+Backslash(\)
  • Sticky/Slow keys (Enabled in Accessibility)
    • Press SHIFT key 5 times
  • Mouse Keys (Enabled in Accessibility)
    • Press Option(⌥) key 5 times
  • Dictation and Speech (Enabled in Dictation and Speech)
  • Dragon Dictate (Mac #1 only)
  • ReadIris

Login Issues?

In some cases, the screenreader may be turned off on PC's. To turn on Narrator for login purposes, perform the following tasks:

  • At the login screen, press The Windows Key+U to open the Accessibility window.
  • Tab once, and press the spacebar to turn on Narrator.
  • Shift Tab once, and press the spacebar to Apply the changes.
  • Press spacebar again to cancel out of the window.
  • Narrator is now available for login purposes, Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to continue.
  • Once logged in, press CTRL+ALT+J to start JAWS, Narrator will be silent while JAWS is in use.