Classroom Accessibility

The University takes proactive measures to ensure that structural barriers do not limit program access. All new University buildings or facilities are built in accordance with applicable campus standards, California state building codes and ADA design standards. Where readily achievable, the University removes architectural and structural barriers in facilities that existed prior to the passage of the ADA. If such removal is not readily achievable, the University will move programs to accessible locations when the University receives advance notice that a program location is inaccessible to a program participant. The University also seeks to maintain an accessible "path of travel" between and around the public areas of campus.

Students may look up classrooms to review layout before attending.

Physical Access

Students should first contact the Student Disability Center to ensure they are accommodated for any barriers they may encounter in the classroom. Students may also contact the ADA Compliance Officer at (530)752-9466 or to report architectural or structural barriers on campus.

Automatic Doors and Elevators

If you experience a problem with automatic doors or elevators in campus buildings, students may contact Facilities directly or you may contact the ADA Compliance Officer.

Hearing Access

Students with hearing impairments can be accommodated by the Student Disability Center in a number of ways. As an accommodation, the SDC can provide different types of services to meet the needs of deaf and hard of hearing students. Some of the services offered:

  • IR Receivers
  • FM Transmitters and Receivers
  • CART services
  • Interpreting services
  • Remote Services

Please schedule a meeting with a SDC Specialist to learn more about what is available.