Accommodations for Faculty

UC Davis is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities who are qualified to work at the University. The University engages in an interactive process to consider faculty requests for reasonable accommodation when such accommodations are necessary for the faculty member to perform essential job functions. Faculty and other academic appointees should initiate these discussions with their Department Chair or unit head. When such requests are received,  Academic Affairs and Disability Management Services should be consulted about providing reasonable accommodations. 

A "reasonable accommodation" is any reasonable adjustment to a job or work environment that permits a qualified employee to perform the essential functions of the job position. Employees are responsible for informing the University when a reasonable accommodation is needed. The University will consider an employee's preferred form of accommodation, but need not agree to the employee's preferred form of accommodation if another form of accommodation is available that is equally effective.

Faculty who have concerns or complaints related to suspected discrimination or failure to provide reasonable accommodations are encouraged to initiate informal resolution with a Department Chair or Dean. Faculty may also consult with Academic Personnel or the ADA Compliance Officer regarding their concerns or to obtain information about filing a formal complaint.

In the majority of cases, accommodations for employees with disabilities involve low cost or no cost measures. The employee’s home department is responsible for funding accommodations. In the event the cost of accommodations exceeds the capacity for funding at the department level, the department should solicit the responsible Dean or Vice Chancellor for financial assistance. If the cost of accommodations exceeds the capacity for funding at the Dean or Vice Chancellor level, the Office of the Chancellor and Provost should be solicited for financial assistance. Questions regarding funding accommodations and requests for funding assistance from the Office of the Chancellor and Provost should be directed to the ADA Compliance Officer.