Provide an accessible learning environment

Make sure your classroom includes accessible furniture

  • The faculty member is not responsible for acquiring accessible furniture, but they should make SDC and facilities aware of accessibility challenges in classrooms.


  • For students who have been approved for accommodations, the SDC will work with the instructor, student, and Facilities/Custodial Services to arrange accessible class seating and/or facilities (such as a special chair; seating near front of room; or a wheel-chair accessible lab table).
  • Note that SDC is not a resource for general class accessibility if there is not a specific student who needs an accommodation. Occupational Health does have these capabilities and has an ergonomic lab built at Cowell (next to the SDC)
  • Height adjustable tables are available for all computer classrooms but are not installed at all workstations or in all labs. Contact computer lab management ( to make sure your classroom is set up as necessary.