Resources for Event Planners

If you are planning to host an event at UC Davis, please consider that as a host, your department is required to provide accommodations to attendees so they can interact with others at your event. Please ensure that you leave contact information for attendees to request event accommodations. You may also want to consider putting a standard accessibility statement on all publicity regarding the event, such as the following:

"UC Davis is committed to making its programs accessible to persons with disabilities. If you need an accommodation to participate in this event because of a disability, please contact 'name of event organized' at least two weeks prior to the program with information regarding the requested accommodation."

In the case that you do have requests to make your event accessible, here are some contacts:

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Accommodations

  • Sign interpretation: If a sign language interpreter will be needed, make arrangements in advance. Student Disability Services can be contacted for recommended interpreters.
  • Assistive listening systems: IET-Academic Applications, Academic Technology Services 
  • Captioning (video/multimedia): contact ATS through the ATS website or ATS email.
  • Reach out to resources as early as possible to ensure you will be ale to provide specific accommodations on the day of the event.

Mobility Accommodations

Accessible seating

  • Schedule events in wheelchair accessible buildings and rooms. Make sure accessible restrooms are available and that there are no obstacles blocking the path of travel to the building,room, or restrooms.
  • Please contact facility coordinator or equipment rental agency to ensure number of accessible seating available. If the location is providing the chairs, they can layout the chairs for accessible seating as required. (Mondavi and UC Davis Stadium have limited accessible seats)

Service Animals

Please see our web page about Service Animals

Additional Considerations

  • Additional staff may be required to assist those with disabilities interact with others and get around the event. Please plan accordingly.
  • To accommodate special dietary requirements, please list ingredients used within food provided.
  • For student hosted events, the SDC will attempt to accommodate attendees’ needs if there are no other students registered for services at the time of the event, otherwise a third party vendor(s) may be suggested.

*Please note that all accessible seating arrangements are on a first come first serve basis.