Staff Responsibilities for Providing Accommodations

Staff members have responsibilities for providing accommodations in each of their different roles.

As supervisors, staff members who hire employees, including students, must ensure the hiring process is non-discriminatory and that they provide reasonable accommodations to those they hire and/or supervise. Contact Disability Management Services for more information.

As providers of educational services to students, staff members share responsibility for providing students with disabilities equal access to educational opportunities. Students who request accommodations for disabilities should be referred to the Student Disability Center (SDC).  The SDC reviews students’ medical documentation of functional limitations and issues letters of accommodation to instructors and the student detailing the specific accommodations to be provided. Contact Student Disability Center for more information.

As providers of public services and programs, such as organizing conferences, lecture series, performances, or other events, staff members are responsible for providing reasonable accommodation to any participant with a disability, including visitors and community members.  Events open to the public must be held in accessible locations, and publicity must include notice about how to request accommodations for disabilities, such as sign language interpreters.  See Making Your Event Accessible for more information.

As web developers, staff must ensure their sites make web content accessible.  See the UC Policy on Information Technology Accessibility or University of California Resources for Designing Accessible Websites for more information.