Textbooks and Handouts


The Student Disability Center handles all student requested textbook conversions into alternate formats. Please schedule to see your Specialist to see if you are approved for the service. Once approved, students are required to submit conversion requests each quarter to the Student Disability Center with proof of purchase. Afterwards, the SDC will attempt to request the file from the publisher or other higher ed units and can take up to a week to fulfill. If an electronic file can not be obtained, the SDC will cut, scan, and convert the book into electronic formats with student approval. This process can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. Please note that Science and Math heavy books can take longer to process depending on wants and needs. 

Textbooks can be delivered through SmartSite or can be picked up on DVD from the SDC. Due to copyright concerns, third party cloud services are not used to distribute content. 

Please contact the Student Disability Center at (530)752-3184, or send an email to sdc@ucdavis.edu for more information. 


Course Materials

Students who have requested textbook conversions can also have course materials converted into accessible formats. Students are requested to submit requests for materials that need conversions, including submission of the handouts or other inaccessible materials that need to be converted. Due to time restraints and other factors, the SDC cannot perform searches for the documents based off of submissions. Please schedule a time to come in to recieve assistance with searching. 

Alternative Formats

PowerPoint Slides

SensusAccess service

If students would prefer a quicker solution, UC Davis has implemented a web portal called SensusAccess to perform accessibility conversions of inaccessible materials. The 3-step service allows users to submit content, choose the conversion type, and submit a UC Davis based email to send the files to. Depending on the size, students either recieve the file as an attachment or as a download link. Downloads will be available for 1 week before being deleted from server. Please review the list of conversion options that are available for the service.

Please contact the Student Disability Center at (530)752-3184, or send an email to sensusaccess@ucdavis.edu for more information.