Student Accommodations

Responsibility for coordinating academic accommodations for students with disabilities is shared between the student, the instructor, and the Student Disability Center (SDC). The student is responsible for requesting academic accommodations in a reasonable period of time and the instructor is responsible for accommodating the student as recommended by the SDC. Students need to request accommodations as soon as possible to allow time for the requests to be reviewed and appropriate accommodations to be arranged. The SDC staff works in an advisory capacity with a variety of campus departments to ensure that academic programs are accessible to students with disabilities. Reasonable academic accommodations may include, as determined by the SDC based on the individual student's documented functional limitations: additional time on tests, test space with reduced distractions, sign language interpreters, real-time captioners, notetakers, adaptive laboratory equipment, and alternative formats for instructional materials.

For more information, contact the SDC at (530) 752-3184 or visit the SDC website.